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Scooter on

We are into July now.  Although the July 1st long weekend was cool and wet we managed to send out a lot of happy scooter [...]

Scooter on2018-07-07T10:36:28-06:00

The Veiws Never End

If you read our reviews you will know that riding a Scooter in Banff is the best way to get around to see the views. [...]

The Veiws Never End2018-06-24T16:19:37-06:00

Scooter scooter scooter

Sorry Ive missed a few weeks of blogging   The weather is awesome so we have been super busy. We had the Eagles management go [...]

Scooter scooter scooter2018-06-21T21:34:25-06:00

Vermilion lakes

I went for a drive down Vermilion Lakes  Rd today. The weather was great and the scenery was amazing. Check out the photos. 

Vermilion lakes2018-06-03T21:36:07-06:00

More pictures

It seems like every day in Banff has something new to offer.  The way the sky looks, the way the sun shines on the mountains [...]

More pictures2018-05-26T23:02:58-06:00

Sunny days ahead

The sun is back and it has been very busy. We have met some amazing people and seen a lot of wildlife. Piper our dog [...]

Sunny days ahead2018-05-20T12:50:24-06:00

Rain rain go away

We are having our first rain day today. The weekend is looking good Sunny and hot. We were trying to promote our mobility scooter business [...]

Rain rain go away2018-05-10T21:10:32-06:00

Another day in Banff

We just finished our third day. As usually we have met some amazing people. The weather was great this weekend. We are loving our new [...]

Another day in Banff2018-05-06T16:51:40-06:00

Spring has sprung

We are finally upon our 2018 season. All the scooters are back in Banff We are excited to be starting our season at the train [...]

Spring has sprung2018-05-03T18:53:05-06:00
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